Lockdown Recordings

Trying to make music during lockdown was very challenging but we had a go at it as a way to keep the band going in the absence of gigs and avoid boredom.

A variety of Vocal and Instrumental tunes were created by recording a rhythm guitar track - converting to Mp3 and eMailing that to Pete to record a Bass part ( using a mobile phone - not ideal at all! ).

This was then mixed with the guitar part and an Mp3 of both parts winged its way to Sidney, Australia for Lloyd to record a drum part. Luckily Lloyd had some great technology called "Airdrums" which meant a good quality drum track was achievable.

With Bass,Drums and some additional guitar parts the track was then sent to Caroline for her to record vocals ( again using a mobile ).

On one track we have a guest vocalist Louise Watts recording on her phone in Holland.

All these tracks are free to download

Vocal Tunes

Let Me Down Easy

Time Is Now

Everybody's Been Burned

Love Is A Losing Game

Unchain My Heart


Cause We've Ended As Lovers

Take 5

La Vie En Rose

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