The Kings of Lounge Guitar Duo

As an offshoot from the main band,the guitar duo Nick Marchant & Nick Cowen have proved remarkably versatile and particularly popular with smaller venues.

For booking enquiries ring Lindsay Galt on ☎ 01722 556721


Facebook post by the White Lion, Bourton after a Duo gig —
The mighty Kings of Lounge blew the house down last night....What a night!! See them here again on 14th July - 'Lionfest'

La Vie En Rose

The Duo Play "El Farol" by Carlos Santana

The Duo Play "Golden Brown" by the Stranglers

The Duo Play "Knights of Cydonia" by Muse

The Duo Play "You Make It Easy" by Air

Music from the french film "Emmanuelle"

"I'll Be Back"

"The Ipcress File"

"Hawaiian Capers" by  King Benny Nawahi 

To the best of our knowledge the only covers ever done of this remarkable artist are by The Kings Of Lounge

The Duo have their own  YouTube Channel 


" I met the two Nicks, about half of the band, setting up in the pub for an acoustic session that evening. Happy that this time there was no need for a secret location I settled in round the table with them and a few beers to find out what they had to offer.
They told me how the band started out playing light Jazz about four years ago but then branched out into Spanish, Latin and a range of eclectic covers. Nick assured me that they had messed with everything from Muse to Andy Williams and as long as it had a strong melody they were more than happy to play around with it. “It really irritates some people” Nick laughed “they hear the song, they know the song but they can’t quite work out what it is. It can take hours for the penny to drop that we were indeed playing a Kylie cover.”


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