We are trying out a download system based on trust - rather than sell through a 3rd party merchant site.

At the moment we are only selling whole albums rather than individual tracks.

You do however download individual tracks so you can burn your own CD.

2 formats are available -

· High quality .mp3 files (320kbps) for loading onto iPod or similar

· Normal CD quality .wav files (44,100hz - 16 bit) for burning to CD


An album download will cost £6 (UK) - $10 (US) or the equivalent in your local currency.

You can download more than one format for the price of the album if you wish.

The album will also have some downloadable artwork so you could make a CD cover.

To get your album -

We will then send a link to the downloads - you make a payment using PayPal only when you have satisfactorily completed the download.


Three albums are available — See the  CD's page  for track listings

Keeping it Real


Au Naturel



Land of Leisure


Free Downloads

.mp3 files

- to listen Left click the button

To Download Files - Right Click on the track button

From the Menu select :-

"Save Target As"

Or - "Save Link As"

Or - "Save linked content as"

(different browsers have different names for the same function)

Track 1  Blue in Green

Track 2  Arroyo Seco

Track 3  Waltz

Track 4  Estrella

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