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"This renowned quartet's performances never fail to soothe and excite. A Kings of Lounge set will first massage its audience with mellifluous exotica from around the world before releasing the beast within so bring your dancing shoes. " Salisbury Live

The Kings of Lounge  — are an instrumental acoustic quartet playing a mix of various tunes from around the world :
featuring   — 
Nick Marchant on steel string acoustic,
Ian Holford on drums and percussion,
Pete Maxfield on double-bass and
Nick Cowen on nylon string guitar.

They also team up with legendary chanteuse Caroline Presley to perform a varied selection of songs encompassing Soul,Latin,Swing and old pop tunes.

Caroline Presley

Listen to Caroline singing with the band

"I'm Glad"

Next public performances



Salisbury Live - George & Dragon - Castle St.

Sunday 30th April - Rugby Club - Castle Rd. Salisbury

Thursday 4th May - The Bear Wilton

Friday 2nd June   George and Dragon ( Salisbury Live )

Friday 18th August  Firsfest

Fri 16th September - Rusty Axe Stembridge

Sat 1st October - Salisbury & South Wilts Sports Club

Thursday 15th December - The Bear Wilton


Friday 30th June - Victoria & Albert Netherhampton

Friday 21st July - White Lion - Bourton

Friday 18th November - White Lion - Bourton



Press from an event with Caroline

The Kings of Lounge - Lineups

A five piece band led by the vocal talent of Caroline Presley

A four piece Instrumental group

An Instrumental Trio (Two guitars and Double-Bass)

Ideal for a " background ambience " sound for functions, garden-parties or dining (such as the Fisherton Mill's Jazz Brunch)

The Kings of Lounge Trio in an English country garden
(They also play in much smaller gardens!)

Compliment from garden party hostess - "Thank you all SOOOO much for such a lovely completely, completed the atmosphere I was trying to achieve! Everyone commented on how perfect you were!"

- listen to some Trio samples

 Au Demain    - French Jazz

 Cry Me A River    - Classic Jazz

 Quierro Saber    - Spanish style

Instrumental Guitar Duo

The Kings Of Lounge also go out as a duo - see the  DuoPage 

The Kings of Lounge can also become a vocal led trio ( Caroline Presley backed by two Guitars - or one Guitar and Double-Bass )

On occasion a Duo comprising one Guitar + Double-Bass has played some laid back Jazz

Some listener feedback on our music

(mostly from YouTube)

I received the CD's today and just want to tell you they are "OUTSTANDING". We are going to have hours and hours of enjoyment this summer listening to them on the patio. I want to thank you again for all of your help and for the bonus CD. It just doesn't get any better than this. (Tim, Mesa, Arizona)

Better Than Original BTW =D

It was amazing, please marry me!

This is fabulous. That's been a favorite tune since the 60's and the Kings do it proud.

This is nothing but sheer awesomeness!

Excellent reprise de ce super morceau de santana, j'aime beaucoup, très jolie phrasé

Wow! This is soooo gooood! I love Air since long ago...
This one is one of my fav's and the retake is the best I've ever heard!
You make it easy for me to become a fan of yours!

gänsehaut!!! more than nice ... fonderfull!

Merci pour l'envoie du CD il est vraiment extra

Wow,I am knocked out from this performance.
Best cover ever heard.Respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best cover ive heard yet good job fellas!!

Excellent!!This is the best i've heard on you tube so far. WELL DONE!!10 outta 10

¡Bravo! Pueden tener éxito. Lo disfrute mucho.

Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Outstanding. Putridly Horrifically Nauseatingly Excellent.
Makes me want to smash my guitar and never play again. That just blew my face off! Keep up the great work!

Wow, the most chilled out verson of a rock song, i love it

you are fantastic! you are perfect!!! love it! 11 of 10

Fenomenal... demasiado perfecto

Simplemente.... fenomenal!!!!!

I love that guy on the bass or cello or whatever it is, you can tell he is really listening
(this is the bands' favourite comment!)

  If that's too loud for you then here is Wiltshire's other hottest band.... the Kings of Lounge
(random link on a TV aerials site)

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